FEsta na carballeira

Group of friends in the Empanada Festival.

On Saturday, after the empanada contest and the opening speech, the Empanada Oak Grove is filled with 15,000 people for a large meal and dinner of gangs. The gangs are made up of families or friends who decide to come together and bring empanadas, drinks, and other Galician gastronomy products to enjoy a day of fun and party.

Cea de peñas na Festa da Empanada

Gangs´dinner in the Empanada Festival.

The gangs´meal begins at 15:00 h and is enlivened by musical groups who are responsible for setting the party mood before the orchestras, which typically start in the late afternoon. At night, at 22:00h, the gangs gather again in the oak grove for the grand Groups' Dinner, which serves as a prelude to the party night. The truth is that the music never stops on this day.


Mesas da festa.

Mesas da festa.

If you want to have lunch and/or dinner at the Empanada Festival, you must reserve your table in advance. The Friends of Empanada Association opens a reservation period from August 9TH to August 19th. During this period the groups that decide to gather must pay for the tables they need. It is important to remember that the Empanada Festival only provides the tables, and are the groups that bring the food, drinks, tablecloth, cutlery, and other necessities.

Each table has a capacity for 10 people. The prices are as follows, regardless of whether it is needed for lunch, dinner, or both::

If you ARE a member:

  • The first two tables cost 20€ each.
  • From the third table onwards, they cost 25€ each.

If you are NOT a member:

  • Each table has a price of 35€.


The Empanada Festival has a point of sale for empanadas for those people or groups who may need it.


Pulpería na Festa da Empanada.

Octopus Bar in the Empanada Festival.

The Empanada Festival has an official octopus bar for those individuals who do not want to rent tables but still want to have lunch or dinner at the Empanada Festival. Currently, the official octopus bar of the Empanada Festival is Pulpería Porta de A Estrada (659 908 745).